Thursday, September 6, 2012

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The I2D2-Fit ‘N’ Fun Family Club has made a tremendous impact in promoting health awareness in the Osborn community.  The simplicity of our message to increase fruit and vegetable intake, physical activity, and decrease intake of sweetened beverages and screen time has been met with positive feedback with outstanding outcomes.  For example: Results show that 89% of participants increased their knowledge of the recommended number of daily fruit/vegetable servings.  By the end of the program 85% of the participants engaged in at least sixty minutes of physical activity a day.  We have held eight, six-week, sessions and had a total of 263 participants in the program.  The core lessons are understandable, obtainable, and realistic.  It is encouraging to see when people truly understand why health, exercise, and nutrition are so important.  As a testament to our program, participants have indicated the lessons they learned have enabled them to make the connection between diet, exercise, and some of their health issues they were facing like, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Three participants in particular saw incredible results.  Ms. Jackson, a 27 year old mother of one, was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  Doctors immediately put her on numerous medications.  After she and her daughter went through the I2D2-Fit ‘N’ Fun Family Club program, she put into practice what she learned and now she is only taking one medication.  Her doctors believe that if she continues this healthy lifestyle she will be completely off medication.  Another participant, Ms. Edwards, went through the program with her four children.  She wanted to lose weight because she was tired of feeling exhausted and not having enough energy.  After completing the six week program and utilizing what she was taught on her own, she was able to lose 20 pounds.  Finally, Mrs. Cooper, a Grandmother who decided to bring her granddaughter to I2D2, wrote us a letter about her lifestyle change.  In the letter Mrs. Cooper explained how she suffered with sleep apnea and other health issues due to being overweight.  After she found out what kinds of food she should be eating along with the types of exercises that she could do around the house not only did she see a decrease in weight, but her sleep apnea went away as well.

The Youth Connection is committed to this community and promoting health and nutrition awareness through our I2D2- Fit ‘N’ Fun Club.  Based on the success of our program in the Osborn Community the Youth Connection has received funding to expand the program to three other communities in Detroit.  We also requested to submit a proposal to expand the program to other communities in Wayne County.